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Before Moving Your Data to the Cloud

Today, some enterprises have taken the giant step forward and moved their data to cloud storage. However, there are still many organizations that are wary of using cloud storage. They are afraid of placing their sensitive data in a network of data storage centers. These organizations prefer to store their data in house using their […]

Cloud Computing 101: Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Many businesses today use cloud-based software and apps instead of investing in expensive software and upgrades. The cloud now allows people access to their applications and data from any connected device. Businesses have found that using a cloud provider helps their company increase efficiency and improve their cash flow.  5 Reasons why your company should […]

Google Apps Marketplace: A New Enterprise Apps Experience

There is a new kid in town; born of the marriage between enterprise and technology – Google Apps Marketplace Since nobody really understands your business like you do, Google for Workand Google Play has brought you the kind of apps and tools that will make sure that you remain in the driving seat to see to it that technology […]

The Importance of Packet Capture for Networks

Packet capture is the process carried out by a packet analyzer, also known as a protocol analyzer, network analyzer or packet sniffer, or for certain types of networks, a wireless sniffer or Ethernet sniffer. This is a computer program or piece of hardware which intercepts and logs traffic passing over a digital network, or a certain part of […]

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Antivirus Protection

It is becoming unimaginable to even connect to internet without any form of protection from all the dangers that can cause a significant amount of damage to your device and your privacy. We practically live in our devices and having them hacked or exposed to malevolent intentions could be potentially catastrophic for every aspect of […]

Are Macs Really Safer than PCs?

The idiom that Macs are immune to viruses is something we’ve all heard. But is it true? Do Macs really have the ability to surf the same web as PCs, open the same files and perform the same tasks without sacrificing their health? The simple answer is no. The Mac computers we’ve all come to […]

SDLC vs PDLC – Product vs Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC: Software Development Life Cycle” Vs. PDLC: “Product Development Life Cycle” The usage of terms may seem interchangeable but there are a considerable amount of differences between the two methods. It is vital not to ignore these differences. So, here is a lowdown of differences between these two: PDLC is defined as a process that is responsible for […]

Information Technology creates Innovative Companies and Employees

Whether you’re prepping for a future career or looking to make the jump from your current job to startup your own company; IT is where you need to be. There’s great news, too – you don’t need a four-year degree to make the move into Information Technology. The right certification can also open the door […]