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Strong Work Ethic Qualities

5 Qualities That Exhibit Strong Work Ethic Admit it, there are times when it is difficult to hide your innermost emotions inside the office. You can’t help but feel negativity whenever you have too much pressure and stress. So how do you handle it? The first time I worked with people was like a trial […]

How to Build a Sales Team and Keep them Motivated

Building the Best Sales Team The word “coaching” reminds us of sports, large competitions and winning teams. And, there are even quite a lot of similarities between coaching a sports team and coaching a sales team. The main difference is that the objective is not the same! It is not the same result that they […]

How Budget when Running a Startup

Budgeting 101 for Startup Companies One of the toughest challenges for every business owner is budgeting and planning. If one forgets to budget or plan, a business will have a tendency of spending too much and eventually lack the resources to function. Whether it is a small, medium or large business, owners should have an estimate […]