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Microsoft and IBM Big Cloud Partnership

Closing the Year with a Bang: IBM Cloud It was a significant year in 2016 for the Cloud Section of IBM. IBM has massively invested in Development, PR & Acquisition. They’ve been doing a lot; they’ve redefined some of their terms which frankly is a little tedious, but all of it to justify their claim […]

Tips to setup the Perfect Office Environment

How to Create an environment for Office Productivity The productivity of your staff members can be enhanced by insuring that your office environment is in balance with your company’s needs. A comfortable working environment can have a profound impact on an employee’s performance. Simply implementing a few innovative ideas into the workplace can be very […]

Successful Business Growth Strategy for Startups

Slow and Steady? 4 Smart Ways to Maintain Business Growth Starting any kind of business set up whether small or large and with a keen interest of making it prosper in the future needs a lot of attention, interest and also patience as an entrepreneur. Indeed, proper growth and maintenance of any business to become firm […]

Business Startup 101 Tips

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Up Many people are considering to start their own business and the lack of experience can lead to some common mistakes in the start up process. Here are some of the most common mistakes: 1. Not having any backup plans A typical startup entrepreneur has usually prepared a […]

4 Tips for Business Strategies

Four Tips to Avoid Failure for a New Business Venture Only 29% of new businesses survive more than 10 years. New businesses fail for many reasons including inadequate funding, incompetence, neglect, lack of interest in the marketplace, inexperience, natural disaster, legal problems, patent trolls and management issues. Surprisingly religious organizations maintain the highest success rate […]

How to Blogs as a Marketing Tool

How to create a Company Blog Creating a company blog is a great marketing tool for your business. The blog helps your company’s brand awareness, visibility, and it introduces your new products and services. For your company to successfully use blogging as a marketing tool, you need to understand how to improve your online awareness. […]

Small Business Branding and Spending

Building Your Business Through Co-Branding One way a new business owner can increase his brand awareness is through co-branding. This online strategy can be beneficial and cost effective for a new business. When your company has decided to use co-branding for your products and services it is important that you carefully choose your partners. If […]

Data Analysis and Data Mining Can Innovate Your Enterprise

Data is increasing exponentially as we speak. Computers across the globe gather an untold number of bits of information at any given time, and this can be overwhelming.  Along with critical and useful information, there is so much data collected that may have no practical application in its raw form.  Data warehouses, which are repositories […]

How to Incorporate Mobile Pay into Your Business Plan

As consumers expect to be able to complete their purchases on the go, mobile payment has become more and more important. There are so many products on the market, it’s now imperative to make the right choice among the options. Choose one, some, or all of the products below to integrate into your business. PayPal […]

How to Promote Video Content

General Video Promotion Strategy Many great Digital Marketing Agency’s can provide Video and Social Promotion and Search Engine Optimization for you at a Reasonable rate and great execution for SEO, such as Brandets. However, here is a crash course if you prefer to perform this In House. Uploading to Youtube 1. Upload the videos to […]

Women in Tech in the United Kingdom versus United States

Women and Minorities in Tech In the United States, statistics show that women overall earn roughly 28 percent of computer science degrees in the United States and that they make up 46.9 percent of the tech industry. While this is roughly half of the tech workforce, the proportion of women to men in specific occupations […]

How NLP and Machine Learning can benefit every business

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence can automate decision processes in almost every industry and/or business.  AI will have an incredible impact on the workplace and the economy. Process Improvement and top-line growth initiatives via A.I. Do you feel increased pressure on your operations to scale back cost while increasing output? If so, Machine Learning and […]

IT Consulting and the Future of IT Support

There are times in the life of a business when it is important to take a step back and review its objectives.  What are the desired outcomes?  Where would the leaders like to take the company within the next five years?  How are current systems affecting progress toward the achievement of the company’s mission? One […]

When Apple Added Another Company to its Growing Arsenal of Mapping Data Technology

Apple is adding another firm to its growing arsenal of mapping data IP and personal assets. Apple had acquired Mapsense, a San Francisco-based startup that build tools for analyzing and visualizing location data.  Apple reportedly paid between $25 million to $30 million for the 12-person San Francisco-based startup, which will now join Apple in its Cupertino […]

Huawei Scandal – Remember Testing 5G in Time for 2018 FIFA World Cup

 Huawei, one of the world’s largest telecom vendors, announced on November 19, 2014  that they will be partnering with the Russian telecom provider MegaFon on a 5G test bed project.  In a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the two companies agreed to work together to develop the new technology in time for the FIFA World Cup to be held […]