June 27, 2019by businessheadquarters

Small Business Security Tips On The Cloud

Maintaining a small business isn’t an easy job. Many companies are creating different content managing software’s on Cloud-based technology. Cloud computing has a number of advantages all you need is an internet connection. Cloud computing is extremely effective and economical as well. Cloud computing if handled properly can prove to be extremely useful for any business.

When you deal with classified data, which is related to your clients it becomes extremely important to keep that data safe and secure. You just need to know and understand some basic measures which should be taken for the sake of security of the business. So in this article I will discuss four effective steps which will help you to keep your data safe on the Cloud.

Classify your data:

For small business it is really important that they classify their data. The process of data classification helps to classify the data sensitively. If you plan and classify your data effectively your data will be easy to find and use. Also when it comes to data encryption, the step of classification helps a lot.


Data encryption is important for business organizations. As these organizations have top secret data related to their clients and the company that should not be leaked by any means. Most Cloud computing services offer basic level of security services. But with escalating rate of cyber crimes in and around, we need to be extra careful when it comes to classified data. If an extra level of data encryption is added it will be good for the company. For the procedure of data encryption, you should first classify the data, so that the level of the encryption can be decided while you handle the data.

Maintain strong Passwords:

Many people keep the same password for every account which should not be done. According to a research, 70% of people use same passwords for all the accounts. Actually if one keeps the same password for all the accounts it becomes easy for the hackers to hack all the accounts. Passwords should be chosen carefully like any random words should be used for passwords. One can also create some passwords which are easy to learn but difficult to crack. Passwords are extremely important when it comes to Cloud storage. Passwords should be accessible to a few employees only. Passwords are important so it should be created and used effectively.

Backup sensitive data:

Backing up your data is very important. One should always keep a backup of the sensitive information which is stored on the Cloud. If you make a back up no matter what happens you will always be sure that you have the data stored somewhere.

Cloud storage is effective and economical if used properly. One can achieve security in Cloud storage by following these above mentioned tips.