May 28, 2019by businessheadquarters

Tips on Using Youtube for Video Marketing

YouTube is a great marketing tool for those of us that know how to make the most of the opportunities that it offers.

In the space of just a few years, YouTube has become one of the most popular websites on the entire internet. To a large extent the popularity of YouTube and other websites that host video clips is due to the early onset of broadband. Once this occurred, those who are technologically savvy have been able to learn the latest methods much more quickly, as well as create videos of their own with which to drive traffic and educate others. YouTube has the extreme advantage of being easy to use, easy to upload videos to, and of course as we all know, it has had millions of videos viewed.

Astute marketers soon worked out that they would gain the most from amusing or viral videos. Such videos can prove to be very popular, and if the marketing material is cleverly used reach a large audience of potential buyers or users. A viral video or two can create far more interest in what they are selling than expensive advertising campaigns, and the added bonus is that these cost absolutely nothing to do.

Essentially YouTube offers amazing opportunities for marketers that get their video uploading strategies spot on. Certain types of video are more likely to go viral than others and making sure those that do have an effective marketing message will benefit marketers greatly.

These kind of videos generally do well:

  • Old commercials: People like to see them again, you have already paid for them, but they are free to put on YouTube.

  • How-to videos: While you are teaching your viewers how they can do things you can also advise them that things are done better by using the items that you are selling.

  • Show special events: Things from trade conventions of fairs can generate a lot of views, so if you go to conferences anyway take a camera then upload the video.

  • Upload something funny: People will watch funny videos so it is a sure way of getting hits, just make the marketing message clear.

  • Remember to avoid common mistakes that leave videos unwatched and marketing plans in tatters.

  • Pay attention to where videos are uploaded: Make sure you put them in the most apt sections and make the best use of tabs. People will only look for things in their most logical so make sure you put them there in the first place.

  • Put keywords in your product descriptions to make sure your videos are high up on the search results. People tend to look at the first few results so good keywords are a must. Make certain you include your URL to direct traffic to where you want it to go.

  • Allow embedding, comments, and ratings: All these things can be really good for marketing providing the positive ratings outnumber any negative ones. Higher ratings mean more people will see your video, and see your marketing material.

YouTube is so easy to use, and videos are easy to make. For some people making videos can initially be intimidating, and understandably so. There is a lot that needs to happen in order to make a good video and have it flow with your personality in order to complement your online presence. But people today really like to see the face behind the website and the marketing. So practice speaking into a camera, over and over, as much as you need to until you feel very comfortable… and then just go ahead and do it!