May 23, 2019by businessheadquarters

7 Free Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Today new business owners have a variety of websites, apps and free computer programs at their disposal. These useful tools can give a new business the kick-start it needs to survive. Furthermore, everyone knows that opening a new business, launching a new product, and branding their business takes time and money. Why not give your business the help it needs without spending a fortune trying?  Here are a few ways you can get started.

  1. RescueTime – Take control of your digital life and how much time you spend on the Internet during the day. This unique program will improve your productivity and help you focus on what is important. Furthermore, you can easily block distracting websites, log your daily accomplishments, and receive notification when you’ve completed your daily goals.

  2. WiseStamp – Every new business owner needs to send out professional looking emails. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a simple way to create professional emails that include your signature. Furthermore, you can select to have your signature automatically inserted at the end of each email or manually select which emails need your signature.

  3. Microsoft OneNote – Nowadays everyone uses Microsoft Office for all their word processing and spreadsheet needs. Therefore, it only makes sense to add Microsoft OneNote to your Microsoft Office bundle. This is an excellent way to capture information and store it in one place. Furthermore, the software can make it easy for you to create a commonplace book. The book makes it easy for you to store all your important information, websites, and your creative thoughts.

  4. Firebug – Building a new website or blog can be difficult for any new business owner. However, Firebug is an excellent place to begin learning web design. The handy program displays all CSS and HTML code in a small window. This helps you understand the font and other important details about your web pages.

  5. Fiverr – Everyone needs help now and then to complete a project or write content for their blog or website. Fiverr is the perfect place to go when you’re looking to outsource some work. Here you can find a qualified person to assist you with writing content, designing your logo or assisting you meet your deadline.  

  6. ePubReader – This is a handy program that allows you to read books in your browser. This is the perfect add-on for all Firefox users.

  7. Unroll – Many new business owners subscribe to many websites for up-to-date information. However, there comes a time that the website you have subscribed to starts filling your inbox with unwanted information. Therefore, you need a way to easily unsubscribe to these accounts. Unroll allows you to move all your online subscription into one email. Furthermore, you can easily unsubscribe to annoying companies and save time unsubscribing to one site at a time.