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Business Owners should learn Analytics before diving into Data

Analytics 101 before Jumping Into Data Science

Analytical tools for your company’s website will become invaluable, but jumping headfirst into big data can be daunting for small business owners. The metrics that flood from analytics will provide a business with a variety of tools and data that will help them expand their online presence. And while you can “learn the ropes” of data, it is important to know a few important things before you get started. Read on for some helpful tips that are good to know before diving into the data game.

Useful Numbers Take time

The numbers that stream from an analytics tool will be vital, but it is important to remember that useful information does take time. These programs generally take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to even begin tracking a website, and then it could take weeks or even months before usable information will present itself. The earlier that an owner starts this process, the sooner they will be able to start adjusting their online advertising campaign. Just make sure you aren’t expecting information or results overnight.

Weeding Out Unnecessary Information

The sheer amount of information these programs offer users can be staggering, and this is why it is important to filter out unnecessary data. Depending on the program that is being used, there are a number of options for removing unwanted information and narrowing your results. Primarily, users want to ensure that their own visits to their website are not being tracked and instead focus on the origin of traffic, how long they are staying on each page, and the click-through rate for any ads that are being used. If a third party is gathering and handling your data, be sure to discuss with them the metrics that you care about, and any areas that won’t apply.

Focus On the End Result

Without a final goal in mind, all of these numbers will mean very little to a business owner. Before starting this process, developers need to have clear goals that they can work for. Whether it is making more online sales or drawing visitors to contact the business directly, owners should have well-defined goals beyond simply driving more visitors to their website or having more followers on a social media account.

Think Beyond the Primary Website

When it comes to a powerful online presence, the actual website is only a single component in what should be a much larger campaign. Those that want a high ROI for their website will need to consider a variety of other options including social media accounts, press releases, blogs, white papers, instructional videos, and more. Each of these will help strengthen one another and increase the website’s standing in the search results as well as its efficiency.

Unlike many forms of traditional advertising, almost every facet of a website can be tracked, analyzed, and changed through the use of analytics. These programs give business owners full control of their online presence and the ability to make their advertising campaign as economical as possible. If you are ready to get started in the data game (or change your current strategy) keep the warnings above in mind as you start your journey. Whether you are handling the data yourself or leaving it to the pros, make sure you are patient, weed out unnecessary information, make goals, and strategize for a high ROI. As you get the hang of things, you’ll find that good use of data can be invaluable to your company. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at Marketware, who act as a physician liaison to help doctors and clinics achieve a higher ROI.

Learn how Enterprise Level Companies handle Big Data

Microsoft Acquires Data Science Specialist Revolution Analytics to Bolster its Analytics Services

In a bid to boost its software analytics strategy, Redmond-based Microsoft acquired Revolution Analytics, a Mountain View-based big data analytics specialist with a strong focus on R programming language. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed to the public. Microsoft says that its acquired Revolution Analytics to help more companies use the power of R programming language to unlock big data insights with advanced analytics.

Revolution Analytics is a leading commercial provider of software and services for R, the world’s most widely used programming language and the new de facto standard for predictive analytics and statistical computing. It provides R programming analytic solutions for open-source and proprietary big data platforms.

Founded in Connecticut in 2007, Revolution Analytics (formerly known as REvolution Computing) is a statistical software company focused on developing open source software R for enterprise, academic and analytics customers. Revolution Analytics provides support and services for R language in a model similar to RedHat’s approach with Linux operating system. In 2010 it announced the name changed and change in focus- big data and high performance computing. Revolution Analytics’ top customers include some of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions, consulting services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and technology companies.

Revolution Analytics has raised $38.7 million in venture funding since it was founded in 2007, it investors include Intel Capital and North Bridge Venture Partners.

Revolution Analytics says it will continue to support the free Revolution R Open Project and will continue to offer technical support for current customers with Revolution R Plus subscriptions. Revolution Analytics currently supports about 150 R user groups and regularly contributes to R related projects like ParallelR and Rhadoop.

Microsoft currently offers a wide range of big data and analytics services, but it still unclear how the company plans to integrate Revolution’s technology into its current software offerings.

Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president, machine learning at Microsoft, said in a recent blog post: “ this acquisition would boost the company’s position among the broader open source community, which has clearly become very strategically important for Microsoft over the past few years.”

Microsoft has been working hard to bolster its cloud big data offerings. In 2013, it launched HDInsight, the company’s cloud-based Hadoop distribution. And last November, it launched support for customized HDInsight clusters with a new a Script Action feature.

With Revolution Analytics, Microsoft will now bring more data analytics capabilities to its customers and market. Every Business Owner should understand and learn how larger companies are handling data to better analyze their own and insure industry best standards.