July 12, 2019by businessheadquarters

5 Tips to Secure Your Linux System

Help Securing Linux

In the age where hacking has become a common issue, naturally security becomes extremely important. This is one of the reasons why it is important to secure your Linux server. So in this article I am going to discuss some security tips that are related to Linux. Let’s get started.

Install Minimum Software: 

Ensure that you install the minimum number of software on your system. Think carefully whether you really need all of this software on your system. Make a checklist and uninstall that unnecessary software and free up your space.

Create Partitions: 

Disk partitions are extremely important. When you segregate your data and save it in the disk, your system tends to perform better. Also, if by chance a malicious file enters into your system instead of your whole system getting corrupted only that particular disk in which the program file was saved will get corrupted. So it is advisable to create disk partitions.

Enable Firewalls: 

Make sure that you enable Linux firewalls. This will make your system and your data secure. Enabling firewalls will protect your system from malicious files and harmful viruses. Firewalls are equipped with anti-virus systems and there is also a default firewall setting in your system. You simply have to enable it to stay secure.

Use Kernel: 

Always keep your system updated. The latest updates come with a number of security settings, which actually make your system and your data secure. Kernel is one of the most common updates that is used nowadays. Also when you update the Kernel it stabilizes your system.


Make sure that you always create long and strong passwords. You can create a strong password by using letters, numbers, and symbols together; this will make the password strong. Efficient and strong passwords are difficult to hack. Also, make sure that you use different passwords for different places. As even though one password gets hack, at least the other passwords and data remains safe.

No system is secured by default; we have to take the required measures to make sure that the system is safe. Follow these tips to keep your system and data safe.