July 14, 2019by businessheadquarters

How to Design Your Company’s Backup Recovery Plan

Corporate Backup Recovery

Making a backup and recovery plan for your company needs careful planning. Deciding on who will backup your data and what data needs backing up is all part of that plan. Ask your business associates who they use. Research the different Data Backup and Recovery Companies online. Contact each company to see what plans they offer. Your next job is deciding on what data is important to backup. To help decide your plan of action for your company, answer the following questions.

1. How important is the data on your server to your company?

How important is the data stored on your servers? The importance of the data determines your need to backup or not, and how. Backup all your critical data daily and your less important data weekly. Always keep redundant backup copies of your important data that extend back seven to ten days. By hiring an online backup service, you eliminate the need for your company to store redundant copies of data in-house. Decide if your online data storage company will back up your noncritical data, or if your company will keep the backup copies on-site.

2. How often does your data change?

Decide how often your data changes. Programs, applications, billing, and invoices change daily and need daily backups. Certain programs used only once or twice a month need backup only at these times. Understand your programs and usage to decide how often your online data center backups this data.

3. What information is stored on your servers?

When determining your backup plan, ask your employees what data they use. Some data you may consider unimportant is critical to one person’s job. Understand all data stored on your servers. Then schedule your backup plan.

4. How fast do you need your data restored?

Understand the importance of certain data and the need to have it restored quickly is part of your backup and recovery plan. Working with your online data storage center time is an important factor in recovering your data after a natural disaster or system crash. When the data storage center restores your data, supply them with your list of data by importance. Have the company restore your critical data first.

5. What do you need to store off-site?

When designing your backup and recovery plan, consider how you will restore your servers if damaged. Having an off-site location for your back-up equipment is just as important as your data. Storing backup copies of important software is critical when rebuilding your servers. Without a copy of your company’s software, rebuilding your server is impossible.

6. Do you have to buy any backup equipment for your company?

Do your employee’s store information on their hard drives? Is this information backed up on your server daily? Do you need to buy any external hard drives or other storage medium for backing up employee’s computers? If your IT department can backup data stored on employees’ computers to the server daily, no extra equipment is necessary. Have an external hard drive for each computer in your office. Have your employees backup their hard drive before leaving work. Use that backup to restore their computers when a disaster hits.

7. What is the best time to schedule your backup?

Scheduling your server backup is important. You don’t want your online backup company backing up your data during peak hours of business. Backup your servers during low usage periods. Wait for the close of business to schedule your online backups.