May 22, 2019by businessheadquarters

5 Reasons SaaS is a Sound Investment for Business Applications

Software-as-a-service is the next logical phase for most businesses. Rather than installing and maintaining software on each company terminal, a business purchases applications over the internet as a service for employees. Business owners and management are concerned about expenses and turning a profit for shareholders.

SaaS is a sound investment for business applications for the following five reasons.

  1. Bridges the Innovation Gap: Upgrades are maintained by the SaaS provider. Since the service automatically supplies upgrades, it is not necessary to purchase upgrades each time a software company improves an application. The SaaS provider bridges the innovation gap.
  2. Data Privacy: The SaaS provider maintains reliable company data privacy. Only people with authorization may access sensitive company data. The SaaS provider preserves privacy by staying updated on new security issues.
  3. Flexible Applications: SaaS applications may be customized to meet the needs of each company. Customizations are maintained when applications are upgraded. Businesses save money on new customizations during each upgrade.
  4. No Hidden Costs: A SaaS provider updates applications, maintains security, assures performance and provides availability to employees. There are no hidden costs for businesses when transitioning to a software-as-a-service provider. No hidden cost will please the accounting department and management. A comparison of operating expenses with capital expenditures will win over even the most obstinate number cruncher.
  5. Mobile and Satellite Access: Management may grant application access and security clearance to satellite offices and field representatives via SaaS applications. Without SaaS, staff members employed by the same company often have different editions of a word processing or spreadsheet software installed on his/her terminal, which may cause problems sharing information. Field sales representatives may gain additional orders due to easy information retrieval.

The accounting department may complain that the company has already purchased certain applications. Therefore, it may be necessary for the IT department to convince leadership that software-as-a service is an economical practice. Long term benefits of SaaS can advance employees, companies, and industries.