January 12, 2020by businessheadquarters

Avoid these Mistakes Small Businesses Make

3 Very Common Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Small business owners, particularly those who are just starting out, tend to make marketing mistakes – making them is a part of the learning process. Through these mistakes, an entrepreneur can learn how to lead his business to success. However, some mistakes may simply not be worth making and should be avoided right off the bat. Here we discuss three important lessons all small business owners ought to learn.

Desperate Business Instead of Being an Authority

Statistics show that four in every five new businesses fail within their first three years. These difficult first few years are where business owners are most likely to feel the financial squeeze, with dramatically fluctuating costs and most likely a lack of a loyal customer base. This results in its owners giving an impression of being desperate in their advertising, damaging their image. An entrepreneur may not have the ability to see it from an outside perspective. Nevertheless, customers can get the vibe that a business is in dire straits due to advertising content used, hard-selling sales pitches and over the top loss-leader-style offers to “get people through the door”.

The effect this has, is it “cheapens” your service in the eyes of your clients or customers and they may even feel like they’re doing you a favor by letting you have their business. Some may even “smell blood” and see it as an opportunity to take advantage. Even if a company needs transactions to keep it going, a business needs to hold its nerve and should always present itself as an authority and not as destitute and in need of any cent clients will offer. The business should leave an impression that customers need their business. Keep your premium feel no matter what.

Win Business Through Consultation

Establishing relationships and connections with leads is a golden rule for online entrepreneurs. Keeping leads within your network means preventing competitors from getting their business.

However, entrepreneurs who are spending a lot of hours dishing out free consultation can be disadvantageous, making it one of the top marketing mistakes of small business owners. A day only has 24 hours and there are other things to manage aside from giving out information for free – your time is most likely better spent elsewhere.

One of the best ways of dealing with consultations is to use other forms such as educational podcasts, video guides or simply outsourcing it. These efforts avoid you wasting valuable time and will leave a good impression to visitors. Sometimes it’s good to be stingy with your money, but it’s always necessary to be stingy with your time.

Attention to Undeserving Customers

Customers are different, but many entrepreneurs make sure to spend their time with them. The problem is that many of these customers do not deserve it and even demand for time or they will take their business somewhere else. It’s essential to recognize when you have a client or customer who is simply not worth having and learning to recognize time wasters as soon as possible. Some people are simply unreasonable, dedicate your time to those who are a pleasure to do business with.