May 28, 2019by businessheadquarters

5 Benefits of Businesses Sharing Content on Social Media

Since the inception of social media, this networking phenomenon has consistently proven itself to be a money-maker for all types of businesses. The titans of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ (now deprecated) and Pinterest have slowly taken over the business world. Why should you use social media, and why should you use it often? Let us examine the relevant statistics regarding these effective tools:

  • * Over 800 million people worldwide use Facebook. In a single year, over 200 million users created accounts.
  • * Over 70 percent of Facebook users reported that they read posts written by their favorite brands.
  • * Over half of Facebook users say they would recommend a brand to a friend after “Liking” it on the site.
  • * Up to 20 percent of Twitter marketers say they have garnered business on this social networking site.
  • * There are 100 million Twitter users as of 2012. This number is expected to grow.

With these astounding statistics, every business should have at least one social media account and use it often. It’s even better to have more than one, but the key is to stay active with each one and gain followers organically. If your business isn’t yet using social media, it’s missing out on hundreds or thousands of potential customers. Successful brands receive enormous benefits when they nurture social media accounts. Some of the top benefits are as follows:

Retain More Customers

Businesses that use social media effectively not only gain more customers, but they also retain more of their customers. By tweeting, responding and posting about events and sales every day, businesses create trust and enthusiasm with its core audience.

Make More Sales

Online marketing through free sites is one of the best ways to build consumer confidence and advertise products and services. When consumers see your brand on several different sites, they remember it better. You can also find more customers online through your different sites. For example, successful brands use lead-capture pages to get the contact information of everyone who stops by the site.

Improved Customer Interaction

Customers appreciate a business that takes the time to create thoughtful posts. They reward the business by purchasing items or services. In return, the business offers prompt customer service via the Internet. A brand representative can create an open dialogue online with its customer base through answering queries posted on its social media pages.

While auto-posting seems like a good idea in theory, research shows that users can tell when a brand posts automated updates, and they don’t like it. Take the time to create original, thought-provoking posts that engage the readers and encourage them to answer questions.

Statistics also show that when consumers post questions on a brand’s Facebook Wall, it goes unanswered about 95 percent of the time. You can separate yourself from your competition by responding to your customers’ questions. Adding a personal touch is simply another way that top brands retain loyal followers online.

Stay Current with Technology

Brands that stay current with their online sites show their competitors that they are knowledgeable about the trendiest marketing techniques.

Consumers, particularly younger ones, also like to see businesses staying up-to-date with marketing efforts online. Another benefit of social media sites is the ability to track and analyze the people that visit your sites. You can find out the ages, genders and interests of those who “Like” your pages and follow your tweets.

Manage Your Reputation Better

The reputation of your business is paramount. You can create a more positive image of your business online through regular postings, answering customer questions and concerns online and putting up great posts. A brand that takes control of its online reputation fares better than a brand that leaves its reputation to chance.