June 15, 2019by businessheadquarters

Social Media Marketing Strategies

The business world can be thought of as a puzzle. Finance, staffing, and marketing are all pieces that are joined together to create a healthy business. However, we often see a missing piece to this puzzle.Social media.What do you think of when you see these two words?“My main form of communication to my customers.”In the business world, social media is becoming an increasingly prevalent form of cor

respondence between businesses and their customers. However, many businesses are not fully embracing the social media movement; causing them to miss out on a plethora of additional present-day opportunities.Today’s social media technology has grown to be an enormous asset in the well-being of any business, and it is important that every business recognizes social media’s potential and must strive to utilize it in the best possible manner for their audience. But how does a business do this? This is the ever-lasting question we hear when talking about social media in the business world. Yet, oftentimes businesses never have a clear understanding on how to maximize their social media opportunities. I wanted to cover a few opportunities that any business can initiate right now to get their feet off the ground in the social media universe.

Inbound Marketing

As digital marketing is becoming more relevant, inbound marketing is proving to be a key tactic for success in the online world. Of course, this begins with a company having a website. Every current business should have some sort of website, but if not, here are the top five website builders to get you started. A business’s website will grant them an opportunity to create a haven of informational content, which will form a reputable brand image in the eyes of the community. Now where does social media play into this?Social media is to inbound marketing as Nicholas Cage is to the movie, “Raising Arizona” – delightfully essential. Social media grants businesses an opportunity to get the content they are creating for their websites out into the view of their audience. This was an extremely difficult task to accomplish in the past, but it is now becoming more of a possibility thanks to social media’s ability to drive direct exposure to a company’s website.

Customer Satisfaction

“…Customer satisfaction is the one measure that can tell if you’re delivering on your brand promise or falling short.”– Cheryl Flink, chief strategy officer for Market Force Information.This statement will always be one that rings true. However, social media is changing the world of customer satisfaction for the better. As it grows, social media is gifting customers a direct and public form of communication between a business and themselves. With this availability, customer service is generally a deciding factor in whether or not a customer will want to do business with you, and as big brands are innovating same day delivery, outstanding customer service can give smaller businesses a leg to stand on.As social media expands into the business world, it is important for businesses to be actively working towards answering customer questions in an extremely timely manner, while also maintaining a positive vision of the company’s brand.  Give customers a reason to be loyal to the company.

Market Insight

Social media’s ability to give a business a look into the life of their competitors is often an overlooked asset. All-too-often we witness multiple businesses trying to battle each other’s success by offering virtually the same product – creating a very stagnant, unsuccessful market. This is where social media comes in. Social media is allowing businesses around the world to be able to peek into the life of their competitors to see what they are doing that is working. Having intelligence into your competitors’ business tactics will allow you to create a strategy that will ultimately outweigh your competitors’ business ploys.Thanks to Google adding Twitter activity to search results, this is much more attainable. Compare competitors’ social media presence to yours, analyze their audience and build from this intelligence. However, don’t just replicate what everyone else is doing. Find what they are doing and do it better.


Overall, social media is uncovering new and exciting opportunities within the business world. From marketing strategies to everyday conversations, social media has expanded its reach into all aspects of the business life – and personal life – it is important that we use it to its full potential. Thank you for reading! Let’s continue the conversation on Twitter – @Trvshlvrd_RR.

How are you using social media for your business?