January 11, 2020by businessheadquarters

How to Build a Sales Team and Keep them Motivated

Building the Best Sales Team

The word “coaching” reminds us of sports, large competitions and winning teams. And, there are even quite a lot of similarities between coaching a sports team and coaching a sales team. The main difference is that the objective is not the same! It is not the same result that they are vying for!

In sports, the team must win; that is the only goal. Each player has a specific task. The coach’s role is to motivate each player to perform at his best, at every game. By stimulating his players, the coach increases his chances of winning the championship.

In sales, the supervisor deals with individuals who have the same goal, which is to increase the company’s revenues, but each one of them does not have the same level of motivation in order to achieve this. Salespeople are much more interested in their own results and their own pockets and bank accounts than the company’s objectives.

The coach must therefore seek to find a way to make each one of them champions. He works at motivating them to reach their full potential, and that is how the company sees results. The coach’s actions must be geared towards improving each salesperson individually and to let each one see where his potential lies.

Most of the time, the coach builds his way of doing things according to his own experiences. He is usually an ex-salesperson himself and is well-placed to understand what salespeople may be lacking in order to succeed as well as what each one needs to develop his talents to the max. The coach needs to do much more than just a few random meetings. Improving requires full support for each individual of the sales team in order to attain the maximum performance level that each one of them can achieve. It is a long-term process aimed at helping a salesperson develop his potential.

A sales team coach cannot let his guards down. He is not allowed to doubt his own abilities. He is a being who is passionate about his work, the company and the product or service offered. His goal is to make each employee who is under him succeed. His greatest challenge remains the same throughout his contract: to transmit his passion to the individuals who do not necessarily share it.

In concrete terms, this means that the coach has to set high standards and give the tools to attain them. This includes building an annual plan that can be broken down into trimesters, an annual objective, and a plan of action.

After committing to the job, the salesperson can count on the coach for complete support. Coaching is, in large part, giving that needed support and to help the salesperson all the way through. The salesperson’s greatest challenge is not to understand what he is doing: he is usually on top of that! What he needs is the motivation to get it done. His plan of action is to demand the best from him, every day, even on bad days.

Just don’t forget that the sales team requires a coach who will motivate each one of them. Coaches require good leadership skills, good team spirit, commitment and deep motivation.

Happy coaching!

4 Simple Tips to Motivate Your Sales Team

Sales are an extremely important element and they play a vital role in any business. The sales team should work efficiently for the success of your company. Motivation can do wonders and if you want your team to perform better and you should make sure that they are happy and motivated. A positive environment will definitely help you motivate them, so in this article I am going to discuss some simple tips that will help you cultivate a motivational environment.

Create An Environment:

A positive environment can definitely help your team work in a better manner. Make sure that you help them communicate with each other. Communication is the key to success. Teammates can help each other with their issues and they can work as a team, this can happen if you create a friendly environment.


Every employee has to face certain problems that many of them don’t share. The problems they face while working can be quite unique. You must make sure that you listen to the employees and solve their problems early on.

Guide Them:

If you guide your staff it will definitely help them work in an efficient manner. Make sure you give them individual feedback, as every person has a different and unique mindset. If you guide them in a correct manner then there are sure chances that it might increase the sales of your company. Good leaders will ensure that their team members get adequate support and guidance from time to time.


Appreciate your employees if they work and communicate well. You can do this by giving them gift vouchers or just simply praising the team for their good work and achievements. This will definitely motivate them in a positive way, which will create a positive attitude towards their work and your company.