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Pathways to Flawless Data Integration

Perfect Integration in Migrating Data seem Easy, but is it? Data integration may seem simple at first glance, but a lot of IT professionals know that no matter how perfect the plan, it does not always turn out perfectly. However, that does not mean you constantly have to deal with flawed results. Done properly, data […]

Business Owners should learn Analytics before diving into Data

Analytics 101 before Jumping Into Data Science Analytical tools for your company’s website will become invaluable, but jumping headfirst into big data can be daunting for small business owners. The metrics that flood from analytics will provide a business with a variety of tools and data that will help them expand their online presence. And […]

Data Analysis and Data Mining Can Innovate Your Enterprise

Data is increasing exponentially as we speak. Computers across the globe gather an untold number of bits of information at any given time, and this can be overwhelming.  Along with critical and useful information, there is so much data collected that may have no practical application in its raw form.  Data warehouses, which are repositories […]

How to Prevent Data Loss and Tips to minimizing 6 easy mistakes

Data loss is a devastating event when it happens. However, more people could have prevented this if they only knew what to look for. The number one cause of data loss comes from viruses infecting your computer and destroying your data. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for so you can prevent […]

How to learn about Big Data

Start small with Big Data: When Big Data is concerned, we need to think ‘small’. Big Data means big business, but mistakes can be made despite its hype. In simple words, Big Data can bring big problems. The importance of Big Data lies in its ability to provide services which will help businesses achieve their […]

Hadoop and Big Data

What is Hadoop and Big Data? Hadoop is a set of open source programs and procedures that are used in conjunction with big data operations as its backbone. The set of programs and procedures can be modified to fit any company’s needs. The Hadoop backbone helps companies analyze their big data. In the Hadoop program, there are four […]

How to solve Security issues with Big Data

How Big Data can help Security: All businesses should take the security issues threatening big data seriously and take appropriate measures and precautions to ensure that no data breaches happen, some of which could be potentially disastrous. With big data, businesses have an opportunity to take advantage of one of the most valuable and rewarding […]