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Do Small Businesses need to worry about Hackers?

Hackers are Fully Focused on Small Businesses Today Small businesses often think that they are a boring target for cyber attacks. Unfortunately, they are wrong. Today, hackers have been focusing increasingly on small businesses and using them as a stepping stone to target large ones. According to an investigation of data breach incidents, out of […]

Pathways to Flawless Data Integration

Perfect Integration in Migrating Data seem Easy, but is it? Data integration may seem simple at first glance, but a lot of IT professionals know that no matter how perfect the plan, it does not always turn out perfectly. However, that does not mean you constantly have to deal with flawed results. Done properly, data […]

How to solve Security issues with Big Data

How Big Data can help Security: All businesses should take the security issues threatening big data seriously and take appropriate measures and precautions to ensure that no data breaches happen, some of which could be potentially disastrous. With big data, businesses have an opportunity to take advantage of one of the most valuable and rewarding […]

Online Security Tips Using a VPN

Security Tips for Using a VPN: VPN stands for “virtual private network“. Large firms and companies use VPNs to connect with various users. So in this article I am going to discuss some security tips that are related to VPN’s. STRONG PASSWORDS: Make sure that your passwords are not easy to guess. Use a combination […]

Cyber Attacks 2019

How you can secure yourself from Cyber Attacks. In all genres of life, cyber-technology has swiftly crept in, so much so that it’s almost impossible to name an area where humans are not dependent on it in one way or the other. But as always, there are two sides to this story as well. While […]

Enhance Your Security

How to Secure Your Cloud Configuration Your corporation’s cloud server could be susceptible to outside attacks if your IT department doesn’t understand how to secure and prepare your servers. Many enterprises don’t understand or even realize that they share the security responsibilities with their cloud service provider. Your cloud service provider is responsible for securing […]

What is Ruby on Rails Token Framework?

Theoretically; Ruby on Rails Token is not actually a separate programming framework. In Ruby on Rails; there is a concept called Token, which is a Cross Site Request Forgery. The CSRF Token The CSRF Token was created as a security feature in Rails. A Publishers Server sends such token in each response for a GET […]

Are Macs Really Safer than PCs?

The idiom that Macs are immune to viruses is something we’ve all heard. But is it true? Do Macs really have the ability to surf the same web as PCs, open the same files and perform the same tasks without sacrificing their health? The simple answer is no. The Mac computers we’ve all come to […]