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How to Blogs as a Marketing Tool

How to create a Company Blog

Creating a company blog is a great marketing tool for your business. The blog helps your company’s brand awareness, visibility, and it introduces your new products and services. For your company to successfully use blogging as a marketing tool, you need to understand how to improve your online awareness. There are a few simple steps you must take to help improve your online business profile.

  1. Only offer your customers sound advice, helpful tips, and special opportunities related to your business.
  2. Always encourage your readers to leave a comment or suggestions at the end of each article. Use their feedback to improve your products and services. Listen to your customers and what they have to say. Always consider their suggestions to help you improve your business.
  3. Use your customer feedback to improve your blog design, layout, and content. This helps your online marketing when you listen to your readers.
  4. Keep all your posts in an archive so your customers can refer back to a post of interest. This also helps you to keep track of your business plans and important information you have posted.
  5. Allow other bloggers to reprint your articles on their sites. Request that they ask your permission and link to your site. Insist that the post have your blog’s resource box that will link all the URLs back to your original article.
  6. Keep your blog information fresh and up-to-date. Always supply your customers with the newest technology and information. This will increase your blog listing in the different search engines and send targeted traffic to your blog.
  7. Contact other bloggers in your targeted market and offer to exchange links with them. A link exchange will increase the visibility of your blog and search engine rankings. 

Use your company’s blog to help your customers, announce new product releases, and broadcast important information. The blog is an excellent way to announce current events and news about your company. By supplying your customers with important facts you increase your brand awareness and improve customer relations. Use your company’s blog to improve your products and services by listening to your customers. Your blog site can be one of the cheapest marketing tools for your company.

Company Blog

7 Tips to Make Your Business Blog Stand Out

Any new business needs an online presence to survive today. Therefore, it is important that your company maintains your social media accounts, websites, blogs, and an eCommerce shop if you are selling specialized products. Unfortunately, there are many businesses today on the Internet. This makes it difficult for a new company to gain popularity and grow their business. That is why it is necessary for you to understand how to market your blog and make it a success. There are seven important steps that need to be considered when creating your first blog. 

1. Customize Your Blog

It is important that you customize your blog. Many new companies find it convenient to use a blog template for their site. However, blog templates don’t offer you the freedom to customize your blog. Furthermore, many people on the Internet use the same blog template that you are using.

That is why it is important to design your blog with your company in mind. Your blog needs a unique look and feel to attract new readers. Furthermore, if you design your own blog and don’t use a template it will be easier for your customers to find you. 

2. Keyword Research for Content

This is the most important step that needs to be taken when starting a new blog. You need to decide on the keywords that describe your products or services. Afterwards, spend time researching your keywords. Find out what keywords people search for most. 

Then, use these words when writing your blog content. Your keywords have to be embedded in all of your articles, advertising, and newsletters. Furthermore, you need to expand on the keywords you use in your blog. Always have a variety of keywords so you aren’t forced to use the same keywords over and over again. 

3. SEO – Build Content with SEO in mind

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any website, blog or eCommerce site on the Internet today. Each year, SEO criteria change and that is why it is important to always stay on top of the changes. Just the slightest change made by one of the popular search engines can result in your blog losing its ranking. Therefore, it is important to always use the latest SEO techniques on your blogs to help your ranking. 

4. Market the Blog Posts

There are many blogs on the Internet today that are in the same market as you. However, most of them aren’t in direct competition with your company. Therefore, it is in your best interest to speak with these owners and propose a link exchange. Exchanging links with different blogs that rank high in authority and rating will boost your search engine results. 

5. HTML Title Tags 

One mistake many new business owners make is they don’t realize the importance of HTML code and having a different title tag on each of their pages. Therefore, when designing your blog or website pages don’t use your titles on more than one page. Otherwise, search engines will presume you are spamming your keywords. This will result in your site being punished and it affects your URL and your site ranking. 

6. Curating Blog Content

After your website or blog are designed, it is time to write your content. Here is the time that your keyword research comes into play. You will need to embed 2 to 4 keywords into your content. Your keywords make it easier for your site to be indexed by the different search engines. Furthermore, keywords play an important part for your customers who are searching for information. 

7. Ping Your Blog Posts

It is important that you ping your blog. This helps your blog to be seen and updates your blog. Therefore, after you have updated your content or changed around your blog it is necessary to use the ping tool to ping your blog. 

In Conclusion 

As a new business owner it is important that your company maintain an online presence. Furthermore, when you create your first blog it needs to be unique and stand out. If you use a blog template your blog will be confused with other blogs on the Internet. Marketing plays an important part for your blog’s success on the Internet. Always embed your keywords in your content and continue to ping your blog each time you add new content.

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Blogging 101: The Technical Writing Review

Pinterest is an excellent way for a new business owner to market their blog using their social media tools. The site allows you to create pin boards that are relevant to your targeted audience. There you can pin images to your pin boards for your different blog posts. The site is an excellent way to send targeted traffic to your blog.

The site offers tips on how to use Pinterest for promoting your blog. However, before you start pinning your blog posts you must first consider if your pin is relevant for your targeted audience. When creating a pin, it should be relevant to your audience, visually appealing, and have a useful description. Therefore, it is necessary to follow these simple tips to create a beautiful pin that will draw targeted traffic to your blog.


The use of bold colors will draw attention to your pins. Furthermore, if you use multiple colors in your pins they draw more attention. Stay away from high saturation or black and white images. Light images are better than dark ones. It is also important that you edit your images before pinning them to your board. An image editor can crop, edit, and resize all your images so they are appealing and catch the eye of your targeted audience. 

Image Ratio Size

Pinterest recommends that you keep your images within the 1:3.5 ratio sizes. Images that you use for your pins should be vertical and not large horizontal images. The larger images will have a tiny appearance on the site. Furthermore, if you use long vertical images, they will be cut off and this requires a person to scroll to view your full image. If you force a person to view a full image this could damage your shares and click-through rates.

Image Quality

When selecting your images they should be high- resolution, high quality images. A low quality image only damages your reputation and will never be shared or viewed. Therefore, when cropping your image it is necessary to pay attention to the part of your image you select for your pin. It is recommended that you select images that are adequate for mobile or desktop viewing. Pinterest is all about the aesthetics. 


When you pin an image for your blog it should include a text overlay. Make a call-to-action, compelling message and title. This increases your click-through and how many people share or re-pin your post.


All original images that your company owns should include a copyright notice, company logo and URL. When adding a logo to your image, keep it small and don’t dominate your image with your company logo. Furthermore, keep your images clean and don’t make them look like advertisements.

In Conclusion

Pinterest is a great social media to help promote your blog, advertise your blog content, and receive targeted traffic to your blog. Follow these 5 tips when adding your blog post to Pinterest. Your blog traffic will increase if you don’t try to spam or advertise your post on the site.

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The Technical Writing Review

No matter how informal blogging gets, it’s always a plus factor to follow the conventional ways of writing. If you’re marketing your product and services while presenting your credibility to a large number of people, a standard approach must be taken into consideration.

Here are a few guidelines to a better way of blogging:

1. Introduce yourself. 

Let them know who you are because you are about to tell them your ideas and opinion on topics they are interested in. Honesty and transparency is the key to credibility. You do not have to be very specific; just state your background as a professional and give your readers a list of your interests and hobbies so that they would understand why you talk about certain issues they probably know nothing of.

2. Think of an appropriate topic. 

Make sure it is relevant and never settle on the ordinary ones. People love extraordinary topics and to get their attention is the key to a successful blog post. Never ever settle for less.

3. Research and have an informative substance. 

Do not discuss a topic which you can’t justify. The words and sentences you should share must be true and informative. It is always best to cite your sources, not only to avoid plagiarism, but to let people know that you are also part of their journey in learning about new things.

4. Who do you want to connect with via your blog? 

Find the people with your same interests and make yourself available to them. Eventually, they will share your blog posts and make you one of their favorite bloggers.

5. Why should they read your blog? 

If you can answer this question within yourself, then you won’t be in trouble of sharing your own thoughts. Just believe in yourself. You don’t have to write sugarcoated words and sentences. Simplify everything, but with a certain depth and tone. Show them your character as a writer and let readers know your message, straight ahead.

6. Upload interesting photos related to your blog post. 

Do not post irrelevant pictures and dull-themed visuals. Make your photos stand out and make a statement through it accordingly.

7. Be your own reader. 

Read your article three times after writing it. If you do not like it the first time, then revise. There is nothing wrong with revisions, as long as you learn from your mistakes in writing. The second time you would be reading your article, check your grammar, word usage and punctuation marks. Then on your last run through of your article, make sure you’ll find it interesting, right and worthy of sharing.

8. The secret is to never be very technical. 

People won’t be impressed if they won’t understand a thing you’re saying. It is useless to sound smart if people do not get your point. I’ve learned it the hard way. My closest friends informed me about writing complex paragraphs just years ago and I was able to work on this and improved on my writing eventually.

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Business, technology and people concept

Build the Best Blogging Team for Your Company

Once your company has started a blog, it’s important to add fresh, new content to your blog weekly. However, at times this can be a problem. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to have a team of bloggers that share in this responsibility.

When your company creates a team of bloggers it helps to facilitate the work. The different team members will share the responsibility of adding fresh content to the blog. This increases your brand awareness and attracts new customers to your site.

After you have decided to form a blogging team, you’ll need to select dedicated people that understand your industry and have a passion for blogging.

How to assemble your blogging team: 

  1. Create a short application for potential members to fill out.
  2. Select your team members.
  3. Make a formal announcement.
  4. Call a meeting to assemble your new team members.
  5. Decide on the responsibilities for each member of your team.
  6. Make sure each person understands their responsibilities and agrees with their specific role. 

How to manage your team:

  1. Encourage your team members to collaborate on assignments, schedules and blog topics.
  2. Use a plugin for WordPress to schedule blog posts.
  3. Schedule meetings to discuss the team’s mission and your brand identity.
  4. Encourage department heads to participate in helping the team members to write blog posts.
  5. Ask the team members to share their articles with coworkers and their department heads.
  6. Ask your employees to take an active interest in the blog. Suggest that they read the blog and leave comments.
  7. Work with your team to create a mission statement.
  8. Give your team members documents about your company.
  9. Supply your team members with ideas for content.
  10. Encourage your team to write how-to guides.
  11. Assign a team editor that reviews the posts, makes changes, and gives suggestions.
  12. Make sure your editor can keep your team inspired.
  13. Invite your team members to lunch. During lunch hold your weekly meeting so the members can talk and relax away from the office.
  14. Give your team members a monthly report on your blog’s performance.
  15. Have your team set performance goals.

In Conclusion:

It takes time to launch a new blogging team. Furthermore, the success of your team takes time. However, with praise and encouragement your team members will work hard. You’ll continue to see their enthusiasm and dedication to your company’s blog.