June 25, 2019by businessheadquarters

How to Promote Video Content

General Video Promotion Strategy

Many great Digital Marketing Agency’s can provide Video and Social Promotion and Search Engine Optimization for you at a Reasonable rate and great execution for SEO, such as Brandets. However, here is a crash course if you prefer to perform this In House.

Uploading to Youtube

1. Upload the videos to Youtube and provide a detailed and accurate title and description to each of your videos, and associate tags (keywords) that are directly relevant. We will need to create separate keywords for each video. It’s best to use the keyword in the video title itself. 

The video description should include: 

a. Your Keyword Phrase (at the beginning of the description)

b. Your URL (where do you want to send your viewers)

c. A “Mini-Blog Post” describing the contents of your video

2. Upload a full transcript of your video to Youtube to help with SEO. Youtube does not automatically generate these, so we will need to generate this manually. If you have scripts for your voice actor, please save them.

Next go to edit video > Subtitles and CC > Upload File > Transcript > Choose File >  Upload

3. If possible, add a screen at the end of the videos with clickable call to actions to encourage our followers to like, rate, comment on and share the videos.

4. If Youtube doesn’t automatically select the best frame for a thumbnail, upload a custom thumbnail

Promoting on Social Media: 

Some keywords as an example for Technology based Businesses: 

  1. Programming
  2. Web development 
  3. Tech support
  4. Tech for good
  5. Women in tech
  6. Tech diversity

How Often:

Share Youtube link organically on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Twitter posting schedule (times when followers are most active according to Followerwonk):  

  • Launch Day: 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm
  • 1 day: 11am
  • 3 days: 9 am
  • 5 days: 10 am
  • 7 days: 12pm
  • 11 days: 2pm
  • 14 days: 8 am 

Facebook: 2X week during launch week. One at 12pm and one at 8pm. 

LinkedIn: Post once before noon on launch day. 

Twitter Mentions tweet

If we have mentioned someone in our video, we will draft some ‘mentions tweets’. 

Log into Hootsuite (Get a free account if you don’t have one already) and create and schedule tweets with 3 people per tweet like:

Mentions in [ Content Title or Type of Content ] on [main topic] [@guest1] [@guest2] and [@guest3]

Twitter Cards

Twitter cards display an image and information on the link on the tweet.

  1. Choose a card type you want to implement.
  2. Add the relevant meta tags to your page.
  3. Run your URL against the validator tool to test.
  4. After testing in the validator or approval of your Player Card, Tweet the URL and see the Card appear below your tweet in the details view.
  5. Analyze your results


Post the following to LinkedIn max 2x per week. 

  • Link title–incl. author and credentials (ie. by: _______, Founder) when possible.  <70 characters
  • Link description < 250 characters 
  • URL
  • Graphic outlined below


  1. Put the description and URL in the text field,  upload the graphic created in the space below. After the image loads, delete the URL in the text field. 
  2. Ensure that the post uploads as a shared link, not a timeline photo. 
  3. Alternate between using a headline and using a min. 80 character description. 
  4. Engagement decreases after first post of the day. 

Graphic Creation

  • The title will be laid over the featured image from each piece of content. 
  • Font: . 
  • Text color: 
  • Logo: Over-layed on every image
  • This graphic will be resized for Twitter 
  • Refer to the social media graphic direction based on your company’s needs or Style sheets.

Social Advertising*

  1. Create separate video ads on Facebook and Instagram
    1. Suggested dollar spend: $8/day on Facebook and $5/day on Instagram for two (2) weeks.* It’s not great to be promoting more then 1-2 videos at a time, so we will have to space out social advertising between each video.
    2. Sponsored posts to Developers (example for a Tech business)
  2. Boosting your Post (If a video is it’s own blog post)
    1. Use your facebook ads manager to boost the posts
    2. Decide between custom audiences or lookalike audiences
    3. Start with 1-2 posts / week at $100/week
    4. Sponsored posts to Developers 
  3. Create separate ads for Youtube
  4. Google Adwords to promote the video

Promoting Videos on Your Site

  1. Embed the videos on a heavily trafficked page of your website on various applicable pages.
  2. Embed the videos at the end of relevant blog posts (past and future). Search for most visited posts in Google Analytics and link to videos in these posts. 

Email Marketing:

  1. Share links to your videos with your audience, emails or newsletters.
  2. Find partners such as who are not direct competitors and who would be willing to include video URLs in their newsletters. Prefer to send them an email explaining the benefit that the video has for their audience and offer to include their content in your other campaigns. We need to show them what is in this for them and how it adds value to their marketing efforts. This may not work for more self-promotional content, but may be a good option for the interactive video.  

Contributed Content:

  1. Any contributed content should include a link to the most relevant, recent video


  1. Ping major search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing with the urls of videos. Pinging is a simple process that can be accomplished in minutes. When the videos are uploaded to Youtube, the next thing you need to do is go to a pinging website and enter your URL and a little bit of information like: which category your video belongs to, the title of the video, and the pinging service which you would like to choose. Once you’ve filled out the details, click the submit button. That’s it! You have finished pinging.

Pinging websites: 

Submitting The Post Elsewhere for Backlinks

  1. Depending on the nature of the content, submit content to relevant sites like (for example in Tech Businesses):
    1. Growthhackers.com
    2. Reddit/r/ 
      1. Reddit.com/r/aws/
      2. Reddit.com/r/developers/
      3. Reddit.com/r/systemadmins/
    3. LinkedIn Groups
      1. Amazon AWS Architects Engineers Developers Consultants Entrepreneurs Experts Web Services Cloud
      2. Amazon Web Services Community Network
      3. Developers, Engineers & Techies (Java .NET C# HTML5 Android iOs Windows PHP SQL Python Ruby)
    4. Facebook Groups
      1. Hackathon Hackers 
      2. AWS Community Development Workers
    5. Private message FB influencer’s with video content
    6. Medium
    7. Alltop
    8. Quora – Once the video is published, do a few quick searches in Quora around the subject matter. Often times there are a few questions relevant to the video just published so answer the question in a unique way and tie in some ideas from the post, then link to it at the end.

Digital Strategy Tips

  1. Post only once per community
  1. Rotate who submits it (based on IP address)
  2. Frame the post as a question, like: Here is my post [title]. Ask a question. Link to post.
  3. Be active and stay engaged in that community.